Our Database Management

When an order is made the customerinformation get store in our database. The information will remain until the year end due to book-keeping, gurantees and statistics. IP-adresses gets stored due to fraud-prevention. At the end of the year all of the customerinformation gets erased, Except for comments/inputs, registered accounts and news-subscribers.

Those who decide to create an account at icecool.nu will get a generated password sent through email. Theese accounts remain in our database until the customer decides to remove their account.

The passwords are encrypted by WordPress and icecool.nu does not save any payment informations, no harm can be made with a stolen account from our site. A simple password looks like this in the database: $P$Ba4v0jg7/DDBeNdU98XDcZEqIwnEAj.

If you decide to sign up to our newsletter, we will save your full name and email at MailChimp®. Mailchimp is a firm that works with newsletters.

If you comment on a product your ip will be saved in our database as long as the comment remains. If you wish to remove your comment or any other personal information, you can easily contact us.

This is what we save when you make an order

Name, Last Name, Company name, Country, Street Address, Zip code, State/Province, Phone number, Email, IP-address


The payment gateway of Icecool.nu is the Large Swedish Company Billmate AB.
You can find their privacy policy here: https://www.billmate.se/integritetspolicy/

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